Millcroft Farms Kitchens

Millcroft Farms Candy Kitchen

In our kitchen, the apple candy aroma rises from copper kettles.

The kettles have paddles which stir the candy mixture while cooking.

As each batch nears completion, the cook tests the mixture for correct consistencies, then apple juice concentrate and nuts are added.

The helpers pour the candy mixture into wooden trays and place them where it is cured for 8 to 10 weeks in a special candy curing room.

The wooden trays are carried from the candy room to the packing room where they are cut into pieces, then dusted lightly with powered sugar, placed into paper cups and put into our old fashioned boxes.

The finished product is sealed in cellophane wrap and delivered or shipped throughout the United States.

Millcroft Farms Syrup Kitchen

They are made from the “original”  old-fashioned recipes, using juice concentrates and pure cane sugar.  Our syrups are cooked in copper kettles.

A rotating agitator keeps the syrup from sticking to the sides while cooking. The liquids reach a very high temperature prior to bottling.

Every bottle is filled by hand, capped and labels placed on each one.