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Millcroft Farms Products

Shop for our Millcroft Farms Specialty Products. We produce the finest  apple candies, jams, jellies, preserves, sauces, and syrups. Enjoy a taste of the past.

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Shenandoah Apple Candy

apple candy close upOur Millcroft Farms Apple Candy is made of only the best quality apple juice concentrate and cooked for hours in a copper steam kettle to the right temperature and thickness.  The crisp meaty nuts are added and then it is poured into paper lined wooden trays to be cured to perfection.  After a few weeks of curing,  it is then cut and tossed with confectioner sugar, boxed and ready to ship to the individual or to a retail store.

Truly a Taste of the Past!

  • 4 oz. Box Apple/Walnut
  • 4 oz. Box   Apple/Pecan
  • 5 oz. Box Apple/Walnut
  • 5 oz. Box Apple/Pecan
  • 5 oz. Box Orange
  • 5 oz. Box Spicy Cinnamon
  • 5 oz. Box Blackberry/ Walnut
  • 8 oz. Box Apple/Walnut
  • 8 oz. Box Assorted

Jams, Jellies & Preserves

Jams, Jellies & PreservesOur jams, jellies, preserves and butters are made of only the freshest fruits and juices with NO artificial flavorings.  They are cooked to the perfect temperature in our old fashioned copper steam kettle. This process gives our jellies a unique flavor.

We have many popular flavors to choose from. They are sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.  They are great on toasted bread or on warm rolls. Our jams and preserves are great to heat in the microwave to use as an ice cream topping.

We package our jellies and preserves in 10 oz. jars.  A select number are also packaged in 21 oz. mason jar.*

Apple Butter
Apple Pie Jam
Wild Blackberry Jelly *
Blackberry Preserves
Blueberry Jam
Christmas Berry Jelly
Cinnamon Pear Preserves *
Corn Cob Jelly
Grape Jelly
Green Pepper Jelly
Hot Pepper Jelly
Orange Marmalade
Peach Preserves
Peach and Mango
Pineapple with Mango
Peaches & Brandy Preserves *
Wild Plum Jelly
Pumpkin Butter *
Red Raspberry Jam
Spicy Apple Jelly
Wild Strawberry Banana Jam
Strawberry Banana Jam
Strawberry Butter
Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves
Sweet Cherry & Pineapple Jam
Sweet Heat Preserves
Triple Berry Preserves
Wild Blackberry Jelly *
Wild Strawberry Preserves *

*  21 Ounce Mason Jar  Packaging Available

Pancake & Waffle Mix

  • 8 ounce Pancake and Waffle Mix
  • Breakfast Pack (Includes 8 oz. Apple Syrup, 8 oz. Peach Syrup, and a Pancake and Waffle Mix)


Peach Syrup

The clean refreshing flavors of our Millcroft Farms Syrups are made with the all-natural health giving elements of sun-kissed apples, peaches and berries.  Use our delicious syrups on your breakfast waffles and pancakes.  Try them as a cheesecake topping or flavoring for ice tea.  They are also great on your favorite ice cream treat. Syrups are also available by the gallon. Flavors available are:

  • Apple – 8 oz.
  • Apple Cinnamon – 8  & 10 oz.
  • Blackberry – 8 oz. & 10 oz.
  • Blueberry –  8 oz. & 10 oz.
  • Peach – oz.
  • Red Raspberry – 8 oz. & 10 oz.
  • Strawberry –  8 oz. & 10 oz.


hot sauceOur Millcroft Farms hot sauces are made from our own recipe formulated for those who enjoy a spicy kick!  Our sauces are made with lots of spices and pepper ingredients which come together to form the perfect hot sauce for your soups, vegetables, meats, or beverages.

  • oz. Hot Pepper Sauce 
  • oz.Wildcat Sauce

Millcroft Farms Gift Boxes

 Millcroft Farms Jellies, Preserves and Syrups makes a great gift boxed item of delightful flavor for the special someone on your list.  Choose from our long list of different flavored jellies, preserves, butters, and syrup for your gift box items.

  • Gift Box – 2 pack of jelly, preserves, or butters
  • Gift Box – 3 pack – 2 jelly, preserves & 10 oz syrup
  • Gift Box – 4 pack – 4 jelly, preserves, or butters

Millcroft Farms Gift Baskets

Our gift baskets are especially great if you like variety.  We fill each basket full of our gourmet food products and decorate it with red crinkle paper and a red bow to match the packaging of our gourmet food products. These make the perfect gift for family, friends, or employees.

Primitive Gift Box – Primitive tobacco box decorated with rustic 2 1/2″ star, containing 1-10 oz. Pumpkin Butter and 1-10 oz. Blackberry Jelly.

Small Gift Basket – Pancake and Waffle Mix, 10 0z. Blackberry Syrup, 8 oz. Apple Syrup, 10 oz. Blackberry Jelly, and 10 oz. Wild Strawberry Preserves.

Large Gift Basket – Pancake and Waffle Mix, 10 oz. Blackberry Syrup, 8 oz. Apple Syrup, 10 oz. Blackberry Jelly, 10 oz. Wild Strawberry Preserves, 21 oz. Apple Butter, 4 oz. Box Shenandoah Apple Candy. 6-items